Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No More "Maybe Next Year"

At what point do you quit saying “maybe next year”? At what point do you simply step out in prayer and in faith and beg God to move? At what point do you quit making excuses and make the decision to move?

Even as an early teen God had placed revival on my heart. Throughout high school, college, and my early and mid twenties God has continually placed revival in the forefront of my mind. Not the kind of revival a church holds on a Saturday evening but the kind of revival that leaves it’s mark in history! The kind of revival where communities and nations are forever different…forever closer to Jesus. The kind of revival where hundreds, thousands, and millions come to know and to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. The kind of revival where whole families are changed forever!

To be honest, I believe that now is the time to pray…to pray as we never have before. To beg God to move. To cry out to the God of the universe to begin moving as has never been seen in times past. It’s time to pray that God’s people really begin to follow him and passionately seek him! It’s time to beg God to convict those who are simply giving lip service and for them to submit their lives totally and completely to him.

Imagine how different the world would be if all of those who call on God to be their Savior would submit their lives to him as Lord!

Imagine how different the world would be if those who self identify as Christians truly reflected the light of the God they say they serve!

Imagine how different the world would be if each of us…if each one of us begged God for revival in our community, nation, and world.

These thoughts are forever with me. And I can’t help but wonder, if we as Christians gave our lives to genuinely seeking Jesus, to begging God to bring revival to our world, and to excellently, lovingly, and passionately sharing Jesus with those around us…would He bring revival? Would he change our world? Would God use us to move as he never has before? Would we see masses of people genuinely deny themselves and follow Jesus? Would hunger disappear? Would extreme poverty be forever erased from the world? Would war cease to exist? Would the sex slave trade be eradicated? Would people truly love their neighbors?

Just imagine it..whole communities giving their lives to Jesus. Missionaries going out to all corners of the earth to give their lives for the sake of those who’ve never heard of the Savior. People working hard to translate the Bible into every language in the world so that no one was without God’s word.

Something in me won’t quit thinking about this. Something in me is convinced that this is God’s desire for the world now…that we simply must humble ourselves and pray and seek his face and turn from our wicked ways and then he will hear from heaven and will forgive our sin and will heal our land. Something in me feels that it’s time to call the world to revival.

Ten years ago now, God laid it on my heart to share Jesus and worship him at the state capitol of every state in the nation on the same day…to encourage and challenge those who follow Jesus to come together as one body of believers to genuinely worship him and welcome those who don’t follow him to do so. For years I’ve considered this and thought about it. For years I’ve thought about inviting people to their respective state capitols to pray and ask God what he would have us do…and every year I think to myself…maybe next year.

This year I’ve decided that it’s got to be different. This year there won’t be any “maybe next year.”

As I look around at our community, nation, and world I’ve realized that there simply won’t be a next year for too many people! The world needs to know of and have the chance to genuinely follow Jesus and I can no longer sit and do so little. I can no longer stand by and watch as so many churches neglect their responsibility to those who don’t know Christ. I believe in revival and a God who desires so passionately to love his people that he gave his one and only Son to provide a way for an eternal relationship with all who would choose to follow him.

So lets begin to pray. Let’s begin to gather and beg our God to move and to change our world.

We can pray in our churches and in our homes but I would love to see us gather at our state capitols to ask God to move in our nation. So September 10th let’s gather as one church at our respective capitol buildings and plead with God to move and to bring revival! No political agenda…no statements…just genuine, passionate prayer.

It’s time for those of us who follow Jesus to beg him to move in our world! It’s time for us to seek his face and plead for revival! No more next year…no more waiting…there are people all over the world who are running out of time and, for their sake, we can not longer wait!

Could a mariner sit idle if he heard the drowning cry?
Could a doctor sit in comfort and just let his patients die?
Could a fireman sit idle, let men burn and give no hand?
Can you sit at ease in Zion with the world around you damned?

- Leonard Ravenhill

Friday, February 25, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

In His Presence

Have you ever had a God inspired thought that simply changed your day, your week, or year? Some little piece of wisdom or a question that hit you exactly where you needed it?

As I was wrapping up my prayer time this morning, it was as if God sent a little reminder my way...I need to live in His presence. Yes, I'm conscious of God when I'm praying...most of the time when I'm reading my Bible...but what about the rest of my day? What am I doing with the other 14 or 15 hours that I'm awake?

And so my prayer this morning was "God, help me to LIVE in your presence. All day...every moment. Help me to be just as aware of you and in conversation with you throughout my day." It was a great reminder for me and maybe for many people.

He is our God...our Savior and Lord...he is not God of our 15 minute prayer time (if we have one)...he is God and Lord of every moment of our day. He is our King who loves us and with whom we should be in conversation with and aware of throughout our day. If that was our mindset each and every day...if he was our focus each and every would that change us?

Live in his presence today.

Psalm 27:4
"One thing I ask of the Lord and this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great Reminder

Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are? Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don't work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith? Matthew 6:26-30

Great reminder this morning...actually read Matthew 6:19-34. The whole thing is great and a reminder for all of us to focus our time and resources on things that will make a difference beyond our very temporary time here on Earth.

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Been forever!

Hi guys -
I know, it's been forever since I've posted. My bad. Life has been a little crazy lately. The really big news, which I am super excited about, is that I am now working in childrens ministry! I am stoked - childrens ministry had crossed my mind quite a few times over the last year but I figured I'd never have the opportunity...and then the opportunity presented itself! I love it...totally love it.

It's been sort of funny because as I've told a couple of people, some have acted like they should feel sorry for me...sort of makes me laugh...I figure I got a promotion! :) I've had a total blast the last couple of weeks.

Besides that, Josiah is up and walking around! He has grown so is amazing how time flies...he's now 15 months old! He is such a blessing...I sometimes still can't believe I'm the Dad of such a great little guy. He is full of life - loves to laugh, loves to play ball, and loves to play. Having a child is such an incredible responsibility and an incredible blessing. Sorry I haven't been posting pics of him!...Jamie's Mom just had some pictures of him on a kid sized Harley with a rag on and leather vest...they're awesome. I'll try to get those on here asap.

Well...that's all for now. I hope and pray all of you are doing well!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Update

For those of you only interested in the pictures...keep scrolling down. :) For those of you interested in what's going on, below is a copy of what I sent out in the mail.

December Newsletter

Yikes! It’s December already!??? I really did have this great plan in my mind to have this newsletter done and delivered by the first of the month…which…um…was yesterday.  For those of you who have been greeting your mailman (sorry – “mailperson”) outside every morning anxiously awaiting the arrival of this newsletter…only to be sadly disappointed each and every time until now, I apologize (And by the way, if you’ve been meeting your mailman outside each and every day anxiously awaiting the arrival of this newsletter – you really need either some counseling or medication…probably both). For the rest of you…here’s what’s going on!

At Home
Outside of work, life is going really well. Though we haven’t been able to get outside as much as we would like to, we have really enjoyed the fact that when we do go outside, it’s almost always sunny. It’s amazing how different the weather is here compared to Portland. Though we definitely miss some of the folks back there – we’re loving our sunshine! When we do get the chance to get out, we have enjoyed going to either one of the two very large parks near where we live. They have sports fields, play grounds, and walking paths….Josiah enjoys it as well. He’s always happy when he’s outside.

For Thanksgiving we headed up to my parents place in McCall and enjoyed a few days off. It was absolutely gorgeous. There was about five inches of snow on the ground at their house and more up in the mountains. I finally got to use my 4X4!  We drove around the lake up there and had to put it into four wheel drive as there is a part of the road around the lake that the county doesn’t plow. I thought it was fun – not sure Jamie felt the same way! 

Unfortunately, a couple of days after we got home from McCall, Josiah came down with croup cough. Croup causes your airway to swell up and, because baby’s airways are still pretty small, Josiah has been coughing a lot and having some trouble breathing. We have some medicine for him now (which he enjoys spitting up) and are hoping it goes away quickly. Please be praying for that.

And finally…the big news of the month is…we should be homeowners once again by next week! We’ve been looking at houses foreverrrrrrr…I think we’ve been in every neighborhood in fact, this is the fifth house we’ve put an offer on. Each time something came up (bad inspection report, seller was unreasonable, were out-bid, etc) and it didn’t work out…which Jamie and I are really grateful for because this is by far our favorite house and in our favorite neighborhood (only ½ miles to the nearest Chili’s!). It needs a little bit of work (carpet, fence, paint) because it was used as a rental before, but we’re really excited and can’t wait to actually get in it. Hopefully that will happen by Friday – early next week at the latest.

Financial update
So far, we have $2350 pledged each month! Thank you so much to those of you who are sacrificing your money to allow us to serve at The Pursuit, we are extremely grateful. We truly feel that this is where God wants us to be and that we are having a tangible impact on people’s lives here. In order to be fully funded, we need to raise approximately $500 more per month. In the mean time, we are working on small ways to cut down on our monthly need…for example, some friends of ours recently gave us an espresso machine (THANKS DEREK AND ALEXIS!!). We’ve learned to make our own drinks and now I’m twice as caffeinated for half the price! We also received a free Entertainment book from one of the guys who works at the church and so are using that to cut down on money spent on eating out and entertainment. We’re hoping to cover that $500 difference by both finding more financial partners for the next four months and cutting down on expenses. If you are interested in partnering with us financially please call and let me know and I’ll send you an email/letter with all of the information you’ll need. For those of you who are already doing so – thank you again. For those of you who are not – NO WORRIES. Some of you are already supporting worthy causes, some are struggling financially, and some of you probably just don’t want to (lets just call it as it is  )….and that’s no problem at all…I totally understand and hope you are enjoying the newsletter/pictures.

Prayer Updates
Please be praying for the following:
- That Josiah would get over his cough quickly.
- That Jamie and I would both start getting more and better sleep. It’s starting to wear us down a bit.
- That God would help me be more disciplined and organized.
- That God would protect our marriage and family.
- That God would use us to have a great impact on people’s lives here in the Boise area.

Well – that’s all folks. We’re doing really well. I hope all is well with each of you. I do have one small request from each of you though. Although I know that most of you are on the edges of your seat each month waiting for our newsletter to arrive, I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you don’t actually burst out in tears of joy at its arrival…in fact, there’s a slim possibility that some of you don’t even read it…slim but possible.  Here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like everyone to pick from one of the options below and either email or call me and let me know what they’d like.

A. Continue receiving a hard copy in the mail each month.
B. Receive an email with a link to the blog at the beginning of each month when newsletter has been posted on the blog.
C. Don’t email or call me because it really doesn’t matter to you if you receive the newsletter or not – translation – you don’t love us…don’t worry, we won’t be hurt…really…sniff sniff. (Really – if you don’t really care if you get the newsletter or not, no worries – I don’t read other people’s newsletters. )

Any of those is fine with me; I just would like to narrow down who received hard copies to only those who really would like them.

Muchos Gracias!

Robbie, Jamie, and Josiah

New Pics!!!

As you can see - we took Josiah out for a "day" at the park (more like ten minutes - it was freezing!!!). The house at the bottom is the one we are buying - we should be able to start working on it (carpet, some painting, etc) by Thursday of next week! Whohoo!!! Enjoy the pics...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Hi everybody! Jamie and I hope that all of you are doing well!

Time is going by so quickly that it’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Boise for over a month now! Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner?! (In case you were wondering, I’m really hoping that Santa brings me a pool table this year. :)) Though Jamie and I love all of the sunshine here, it is getting pretty cold. In fact, we had our first snow fall last week!

Speaking of church, things are going well - though the “I don’t know anyone stage” has been a little difficult. The fact is though that both Jamie and I know that it’s just a stage and won’t last forever. Part of the problem has been that we’ve not yet had a chance to plug in with a life group…however that may be changing very quickly as it looks like Jamie and I might be leading a group here very soon.

As far as work at the church goes, it’s going well. I’ve been working on a number of different projects as we continue to see how I will best fit into the purpose of the church. The main project that I’ve been working on lately has been to help one of the ministries in the church become more organized and basically help it function more effectively. The ministry is called Youth Serve and its sole purpose is to intentionally plug students who want to serve into the various ministries of the church. One of the main problems was simply that nothing was on paper and so for the last couple of weeks I’ve helped define their policies and procedures and get everything written down. Our next task will be to communicate with the different ministry team leaders in the church so that they are up to date with what we are doing and how it will affect them. Youth Serve has the potential to have an enormous affect on our retention rate with students as its been shown that the more connected youth are with the church and adults in the church, the more likely they are to stay involved with church when they go off to college. In addition, Youth Serve plays a vital role in providing volunteers for the various ministries…and without our volunteers (all 470 of them) our church would simply not function.

I’ve also learned a great deal about leadership and church organization over the last 30 days. It’s exciting to see things work efficiently and the church work towards specific goals. A couple of the goals for which we are currently working towards include expanding the seating in our auditorium because our 11am service is maxed out (though we have four services total), improved audio and visual in the auditorium so people in those new seats will be able to see and hear everything, a sign on our building so people know we are here (sort of important eh?), to install a baptismal, improved lighting and cameras so that we can video podcast and improved lighting in our auditorium and lobby area. We’re hoping to have these accomplished by the end of this year. In addition to the above, we’re hoping to launch two new campuses by the end of next year…one in east Boise and the other in Nampa. We’re definitely striving to advance God’s kingdom here in the Boise area and it’s exciting to see progress in tangible ways.

On the home front, life is great and Jamie, Josiah, and I are doing well. At the moment, both Jamie and Josiah are in San Francisco with Jamie’s mom…which means nothing but peace and quiet at home; much needed peace and quiet at that!  It’s given me a little time just to relax and do a little bit of reading – which I really appreciate.

Jamie is doing well also. For those of you who weren’t aware, she has been working about 19 hours a week from home for Warner Pacific College. She is the first employee that the college has ever allowed to work from home and though it was pretty difficult to do while we were moving all over the place, I think it has gotten much easier to manage over the last couple of weeks.

Well, as I said before, Jamie and I hope all of you are doing well, staying healthy, and growing in the faith. Keep in touch!

In Christ,

Robbie, Jamie, and Josiah

Robbie’s email: or
Robbie’s cell: 971-221-4471
Jamie’s email:
Jamie’s cell: 971-221-5133
Josiah’s email: LookOutLadiesHereIcome@I’

Quick financial and prayer update:
As of right now it looks like we have about $1600 a month that has been committed and a number of folks who have said they intend to help out. We need to raise about $1000 a month more in order to continue working at the church full time. Thank you to all of you who are either supporting us financially and/or through prayer. We appreciate it so much…and for those of you who are not able to support us financially but are intentionally praying for us, that is just as important. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you would like to support Jamie and me and are not already, please just shoot me an email or give me a call.

Below are this months prayer requests:
- That God would help Jamie and I set aside time for each other despite all of the craziness and transition in our lives at the moment.
- That God would help both the leadership here at the church and myself know where I best fit into the ministry here at The Pursuit.
- That God would give us wisdom with our finances and that he would specifically help Jamie and I spend less and less.
- That God would give us patience and wisdom as parents.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

10-18-09 -- Lots of news...and pics too!

Well, first of all, for all of you psychos who have been sending me angry emails because I haven't posted pictures of Josiah in awhile...keep scrolling down...there's some good ones! :)

For those of you who are also interested in what's going on with Jamie and I, there's lots of new news.

Working at The Pursuit:
The biggest news is that I'm now working full time at a church called The Pursuit ( I've been working there for about three weeks and wow is there a serious learning curve! There is a ton going on at the church and if you don't hit the ground running, you'll get left behind pretty quickly. The church is only about 6 years old but is at about 1600 people and counting.
To be honest, we're still working on where exactly my fit is but I'm excited to be there as I feel that this is where God wants us to be. For the last couple of weeks I've actually been working on a number of different projects...I've taught a religion class for high schoolers at our church, I'm doing some consulting type work for one of the ministries in our church - working with them to improve areas of weakness and develop policies and procedures, I'm teaching for the high school pastor this Thursday, and I'm working with the Equipping/Leadership Pastor to help equip our churches volunteers (all 470 of them!). I'm definitely getting a taste of lots of different ministries. Assuming that all goes well this Thursday when I teach at the high school group, I'll be able to do more preaching with them....and eventually, hopefully, I'll start teaching occasionally on Sunday mornings. To be honest, I have no idea where God is taking us on this ride but I feel confident that he has called us to The Pursuit and I'm excited to spend time learning from from our Lead Pastor.
The major catch here is that the church is not able to pay me at this time. (Minor detail right?) :) Like many churches, giving is down big time....for this reason, I'm raising my salary for the next six months. I know that many folks are struggling financially and that raising our salary may be extremely difficult but, as I said, Jamie and I both feel like this is where we need to be. Though some of you may not be able to or, lets be honest, may not want to (and that's okay :)), I know that there may be some of you who would want contribute to our salary as we work to minister to the people in the Boise area. If that's you, please email or call me and I'd love to send you a copy of the support letter we sent out.
Whether or not you are able to or choose to support us financially, we want all of you to know that we appreciate you and your friendship. Jamie and I feel blessed to have known all of you and, for those of you who are back in the Portland area, we miss you greatly.

Other news...
We're super excited as it looks like we're going to be able to close on a house next month...the best part, our mortgage will only be about $900! :) It's a great house in an amazing neighborhood. We'll keep you up to date as we hear more.

Well, that's really what's going on...we hope all of you are doing well and appreciate your prayers as we do our best to follow God's leading in our life.

If you're interested in supporting us over the next couple of months, just shoot me an email at or call me at 971-221-4471 and I'd be happy to send you a copy of the letter we sent out and the one my Pastor wrote as well...otherwise, enjoy the new pics of Josiah below! :)

Robbie, Jamie, and Josiah....

New pics of Josiah!!!! :)

Hope all of you enjoy the pictures! He sure is getting big. The last doctors appointment we had he was in the top 90 percentile for both weight and height and was literally off the charts as far as the size of his head...he's got a big melon! :) Remember - you can click on them to enlarge them!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9-8-09 -- Update,,,job, ministry, boise, etc....

Well hello everybody! Yes, I's been a long time since I've updated the blog. My apologies. :) However, just because there has been no update, does not mean life's been here goes...

For those of you who were not aware, we had been talking to two different churches about two different jobs. One was at a church called Elk Creek in McCall, ID (where we are living now with my parents) and the other one was at a church called The Pursuit in Boise, ID (

To make a long story short, I was talking with The Pursuit about a facilities position that would have been part time. The idea was to give me a job that would get me on board at the church and then they'd work to put me into a ministry area that would line up more with my passion and gifts. However, that job did not work out. Elk Creek, on the other hand, ended up offering me a full time associate pastor position. Unfortunately, for reasons I may post later, we did not feel comfortable joining the church. Since we've turned it down, we've had some pretty strong confirmation that it was best we did not accept the position. Sooooo - we're sort of back at square one - sort of.

We've actually kept in contact with the senior pastor at The Pursuit - in fact, we went to church there on Sunday and he invited Jamie and me and my parents over for breakfast the next morning - we had a great time with them...of course, I guess I pretty much could have a good time with anyone who wants to feed me. :) Anyways, he has made it clear that he would like me there at the church but they just don't have the funds right now. He has taken a pay cut and other staff have not received raises that they were supposed to. One of the things we're praying about and seriously considering is for me to work a part time job and/or raise the funds necessary to work at the church for a year or until they can pay me. Jamie and I had talked about this between ourselves but then the pastor also mentioned it. He said that he would hate to see me have to do it but that it would provide a way to get on board at the church.

Some might think we're crazy for even considering such and option...but after having visited the church, getting to know the pastor, and getting to meet the would be an amazing place to minister and to learn. One of the things that I've really wanted over the last couple of years was to work for a senior pastor who could really challenge me and who cared about/poured into his staff as much as the church. That's something that seems to be really rare but one of the things I appreciate most about the pastor at the Pursuit (his name is Paul by the way). So many times I've seen senior pastors who are simply not interested in discipling, developing, and empowering their associate pastors. Not that they mean to but hiring associate pastors is time consuming and often times, once its done...the pastor gets back to "the important stuff" leaving his new associate to figure things out on their own. That's one of the major things that excite me about the possibility of working at the be able to work under someone who actually wants me there...and wants to pour into me and wants me to succeed. It's crazy but I can already see that side of Paul...he has emailed and text me to see how things are going and invited us over to have breakfast with him and his family on his day off!...In four and a half years as a youth pastor, never once did one of the senior pastors I worked under (except for Pastor Bill) email or call just to see how I was doing or invite Jamie and me over to eat unless it was a staff get together - and that only happened once. I guess if I was to be honest, I'd have to admit that I really long for a senior pastor who is passionate about helping me succeed in life and become everything God has called me to be....I long to work under a senior pastor who is as passionate about his staff as he is his church. That is why we are seriously considering doing whatever it takes to get on staff at the Pursuit...and that's a huge reason why I turned down a full time associate pastor's position in a place where we'd have free rent to consider raising money to work at a different church. Sort of crazy eh? :)

So anyways...that's where things are at as far as a job and ministry (oh yeah - I applied for a server position in downtown Boise yesterday. It'd be great if that were my part time job while I worked at the Pursuit). To be honest - we're really tired of moving around and would love to finally settle in with a church and a full time ministry position...just praying that God will open those doors.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do not worry...

Today was pretty stressful as Jamie and I consider the major decisions coming up...I was reminded of the following scriptures and thought it might be a good reminder to others...

Matthew 6:25-34
"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Great scripture...great reminder...

Being s t r e t c h e d,

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well hey everybody! So I's been awhile...okay a long while...and while I hate to disappoint you, there will be no pics on this blog. :(....just me runnin' my mouth. :)

It's been a crazy month or so...super crazy. We got all of our things settled in in McCall and have been back in the Portland area for a couple of weeks...because I've got to finish up my classes. ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS AND I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!! (Assuming a I pass my last class. :)) I'm feels like I've been in school forever...that might be because it's been about seven years. :)

So anyways...we're here until Tuesday and then we head back to Baltimore. Jamie and Josiah will be there for two weeks and I'll be there for one. Then we'll be back in Portland and then drive back to McCall, ID on the 11th...and then (and then and then and then and then....) I fly down to Albuquerque to spend a day with my father-in-law from whom Jamie and I purchased (partial purchase/partial gift) a 2008 Nissan Titan 4 wheel drive! I'm stoked. It is a super nice truck...and I was able to sell my 2 wheel 95 Tacoma for $6650 which I was also really excited about.

So besides just the facts and dates...Jamie and I are doing really well...and so is Josiah who is the only real reason that anyone ever looks at our blog - that's okay, I know it. :) He is a big boy these fact, some good friends of ours (Derek and Alexis) have a seven month old (Vivian) and Josiah is almost the exact same size as she's crazy....and he can poop like no one's business too...he has pooped up his back twice in the last two days...and he got Jamie. :) I was proud of him. :) He has also gone out of his way to pee on both of us. That's my boy!

In other news...we're really praying and asking God to make clear to us what he would have us do in this next step in our lives and where and how he desires for us to plug into ministry. It has really been a long and difficult healing process over the last nine months but I think we've turned a corner lately and are ready to get back into ministry...what that looks like and where it will be - I have no idea. Please join with us in prayer as we consider all of our options. Anyways - that's about it...I'm going to read a little bit more homework and then head to bed. Please let me know if you have any questions about what we're up to...just leave a comment on here and it will send both Jamie and I a message - but make sure and leave your name on the message so we know who sent in.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Watch as this dynamic duo block punch and judo kick their way into a down pour sweat in our living room...but beware, it is not a pretty sight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great New Pics of Josiah....

Josiah is starting to smile and react now to people...I got him smiling yesterday and took these pictures...He sure is cute!

Monday, June 15, 2009

That's right...we're moving...

So, now that Jamie and I have both notified our work, we can now post it on the blog :)....we're moving. It's been a pretty crazy couple of months. We actually put the house on the market around the middle of last month...and it went sale pending two days later. That's been the good part...the bad part is that our buyer knows its a buyer's market and we are in the process of doing quite a few repairs including replacing the sewer line, some work on the crawl space, electric work, and as I'm typing, hammers are POUNDING away on the tear off and replacement. I'm really not sure how much more of this my nerves can stand...between the guys hammering away on the roof and Toby running around and barking...someone may die. :)
To be honest, its been the quite the learning experience...the biggest thing I've learned - it can be really expensive to sell a house. Fortunately, by what really seems to be an act of God, we're coming out of this fine...ahead really.

For those of you who have not heard, we're planning on moving in with my parents in McCall, ID which is about two hours north of Boise. The plan, as it stands now, is to live there until we can figure out where in Boise we want to live and work. I'm hoping to get back into working for a church as soon as we can find a church that we feel we would fit well at. We have located one (It is called The Pursuit - but they do not presently have any positions open. It is a church that was planted about five years ago and has been hugely successful. For those of you from the Tigard/Portand area, it is similiar to Solid Rock. We've met with the senior pastor, explained to him that we feel called to plant a church in the future, and he said he would love to plug us in so we can get a feel of The Pursuit and also mentioned that they exlpect to be hiring more in the near future. We're excited about the possibilities and praying that God will guide us and open doors as he sees fit.

Right now, we're just looking forward to having the house sold and me finishing school which is rapidly approaching...about time eh? It seems life I've been in school forever (probably because I have) but I finish my last class on August 3rd.
For those of you who are wondering what we'll be doing between now and is the schedule...though it may be changing.

June 24th - Pack up the house.

June 25th - We close on our house (though we just heard that this may change which would
really mess things up for us)

June 26th - Move all of our things to McCall and stay there for two weeks.

July 12th - Leave our things in McCall and head back to the Portland area to finish school.

August 3rd - Last day of class

August 11th - Head back to McCall.

Some where in there we are going to be heading to Maryland for awhile and Jamie is going to be working for a week or two.
It's been really crazy and things have been changing back and fourth every once in a while.
One of the things that I wanted to mention is that our church Solid Rock has been great for us during this time. Though, admitedly we haven't plugged in to a house church, the church on Sunday has been amazing....and I mean SUPER AMAZING. I was blown away this Sunday - but not by the the people. There was a moment when I really felt like I was back at the Honor Academy in Texas in the midest of 1000 or so people who were so sold out on fire for God that they would do anything for him. It is at times like that that I feel as if I am experiencing heaven on earth. I know that there are some of you who we know who do not have a church that you are attending right now...I would really encourage you to check out Solid Rock ( You'll have to take the lead in getting plugged in but I promise you, it will be a place that will encourage and challenge you and where you will truely feel the presence of our God.
Alright folks...well that's all...sorry, no pictures at the moment. I'd post some but I've gotta get out of this house before the roofers start pounding so hard that my eye balls fall out!


Thursday, June 11, 2009


"For I know the plans I have for you..." - God
"Well when are you going to fill me in!!!!!!!!!" - Robbie

The above does a pretty good job of describing how I feel at the moment. :)

Awhile back someone asked me where I saw myself in five years...I laughed. Five years? You expect me to know where I'll be in five years?...At this point in my life I've got a better chance at winning the lottery - twice.

Good night. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Video of Josiah...

This video was put together by Bonnie Walker who Jamie used to work for and who is now doing freelance photography. She takes some great pictures - just let us know if you'd like us to send you her contact info

Turn up your speakers...