Monday, June 15, 2009

That's right...we're moving...

So, now that Jamie and I have both notified our work, we can now post it on the blog :)....we're moving. It's been a pretty crazy couple of months. We actually put the house on the market around the middle of last month...and it went sale pending two days later. That's been the good part...the bad part is that our buyer knows its a buyer's market and we are in the process of doing quite a few repairs including replacing the sewer line, some work on the crawl space, electric work, and as I'm typing, hammers are POUNDING away on the tear off and replacement. I'm really not sure how much more of this my nerves can stand...between the guys hammering away on the roof and Toby running around and barking...someone may die. :)
To be honest, its been the quite the learning experience...the biggest thing I've learned - it can be really expensive to sell a house. Fortunately, by what really seems to be an act of God, we're coming out of this fine...ahead really.

For those of you who have not heard, we're planning on moving in with my parents in McCall, ID which is about two hours north of Boise. The plan, as it stands now, is to live there until we can figure out where in Boise we want to live and work. I'm hoping to get back into working for a church as soon as we can find a church that we feel we would fit well at. We have located one (It is called The Pursuit - but they do not presently have any positions open. It is a church that was planted about five years ago and has been hugely successful. For those of you from the Tigard/Portand area, it is similiar to Solid Rock. We've met with the senior pastor, explained to him that we feel called to plant a church in the future, and he said he would love to plug us in so we can get a feel of The Pursuit and also mentioned that they exlpect to be hiring more in the near future. We're excited about the possibilities and praying that God will guide us and open doors as he sees fit.

Right now, we're just looking forward to having the house sold and me finishing school which is rapidly approaching...about time eh? It seems life I've been in school forever (probably because I have) but I finish my last class on August 3rd.
For those of you who are wondering what we'll be doing between now and is the schedule...though it may be changing.

June 24th - Pack up the house.

June 25th - We close on our house (though we just heard that this may change which would
really mess things up for us)

June 26th - Move all of our things to McCall and stay there for two weeks.

July 12th - Leave our things in McCall and head back to the Portland area to finish school.

August 3rd - Last day of class

August 11th - Head back to McCall.

Some where in there we are going to be heading to Maryland for awhile and Jamie is going to be working for a week or two.
It's been really crazy and things have been changing back and fourth every once in a while.
One of the things that I wanted to mention is that our church Solid Rock has been great for us during this time. Though, admitedly we haven't plugged in to a house church, the church on Sunday has been amazing....and I mean SUPER AMAZING. I was blown away this Sunday - but not by the the people. There was a moment when I really felt like I was back at the Honor Academy in Texas in the midest of 1000 or so people who were so sold out on fire for God that they would do anything for him. It is at times like that that I feel as if I am experiencing heaven on earth. I know that there are some of you who we know who do not have a church that you are attending right now...I would really encourage you to check out Solid Rock ( You'll have to take the lead in getting plugged in but I promise you, it will be a place that will encourage and challenge you and where you will truely feel the presence of our God.
Alright folks...well that's all...sorry, no pictures at the moment. I'd post some but I've gotta get out of this house before the roofers start pounding so hard that my eye balls fall out!


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  1. Oh I LOVE McCall!!! I didn't know your parents lived there. Enjoy!