Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well hey everybody! So I's been awhile...okay a long while...and while I hate to disappoint you, there will be no pics on this blog. :(....just me runnin' my mouth. :)

It's been a crazy month or so...super crazy. We got all of our things settled in in McCall and have been back in the Portland area for a couple of weeks...because I've got to finish up my classes. ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS AND I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!! (Assuming a I pass my last class. :)) I'm feels like I've been in school forever...that might be because it's been about seven years. :)

So anyways...we're here until Tuesday and then we head back to Baltimore. Jamie and Josiah will be there for two weeks and I'll be there for one. Then we'll be back in Portland and then drive back to McCall, ID on the 11th...and then (and then and then and then and then....) I fly down to Albuquerque to spend a day with my father-in-law from whom Jamie and I purchased (partial purchase/partial gift) a 2008 Nissan Titan 4 wheel drive! I'm stoked. It is a super nice truck...and I was able to sell my 2 wheel 95 Tacoma for $6650 which I was also really excited about.

So besides just the facts and dates...Jamie and I are doing really well...and so is Josiah who is the only real reason that anyone ever looks at our blog - that's okay, I know it. :) He is a big boy these fact, some good friends of ours (Derek and Alexis) have a seven month old (Vivian) and Josiah is almost the exact same size as she's crazy....and he can poop like no one's business too...he has pooped up his back twice in the last two days...and he got Jamie. :) I was proud of him. :) He has also gone out of his way to pee on both of us. That's my boy!

In other news...we're really praying and asking God to make clear to us what he would have us do in this next step in our lives and where and how he desires for us to plug into ministry. It has really been a long and difficult healing process over the last nine months but I think we've turned a corner lately and are ready to get back into ministry...what that looks like and where it will be - I have no idea. Please join with us in prayer as we consider all of our options. Anyways - that's about it...I'm going to read a little bit more homework and then head to bed. Please let me know if you have any questions about what we're up to...just leave a comment on here and it will send both Jamie and I a message - but make sure and leave your name on the message so we know who sent in.


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