Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9-8-09 -- Update,,,job, ministry, boise, etc....

Well hello everybody! Yes, I's been a long time since I've updated the blog. My apologies. :) However, just because there has been no update, does not mean life's been here goes...

For those of you who were not aware, we had been talking to two different churches about two different jobs. One was at a church called Elk Creek in McCall, ID (where we are living now with my parents) and the other one was at a church called The Pursuit in Boise, ID (

To make a long story short, I was talking with The Pursuit about a facilities position that would have been part time. The idea was to give me a job that would get me on board at the church and then they'd work to put me into a ministry area that would line up more with my passion and gifts. However, that job did not work out. Elk Creek, on the other hand, ended up offering me a full time associate pastor position. Unfortunately, for reasons I may post later, we did not feel comfortable joining the church. Since we've turned it down, we've had some pretty strong confirmation that it was best we did not accept the position. Sooooo - we're sort of back at square one - sort of.

We've actually kept in contact with the senior pastor at The Pursuit - in fact, we went to church there on Sunday and he invited Jamie and me and my parents over for breakfast the next morning - we had a great time with them...of course, I guess I pretty much could have a good time with anyone who wants to feed me. :) Anyways, he has made it clear that he would like me there at the church but they just don't have the funds right now. He has taken a pay cut and other staff have not received raises that they were supposed to. One of the things we're praying about and seriously considering is for me to work a part time job and/or raise the funds necessary to work at the church for a year or until they can pay me. Jamie and I had talked about this between ourselves but then the pastor also mentioned it. He said that he would hate to see me have to do it but that it would provide a way to get on board at the church.

Some might think we're crazy for even considering such and option...but after having visited the church, getting to know the pastor, and getting to meet the would be an amazing place to minister and to learn. One of the things that I've really wanted over the last couple of years was to work for a senior pastor who could really challenge me and who cared about/poured into his staff as much as the church. That's something that seems to be really rare but one of the things I appreciate most about the pastor at the Pursuit (his name is Paul by the way). So many times I've seen senior pastors who are simply not interested in discipling, developing, and empowering their associate pastors. Not that they mean to but hiring associate pastors is time consuming and often times, once its done...the pastor gets back to "the important stuff" leaving his new associate to figure things out on their own. That's one of the major things that excite me about the possibility of working at the be able to work under someone who actually wants me there...and wants to pour into me and wants me to succeed. It's crazy but I can already see that side of Paul...he has emailed and text me to see how things are going and invited us over to have breakfast with him and his family on his day off!...In four and a half years as a youth pastor, never once did one of the senior pastors I worked under (except for Pastor Bill) email or call just to see how I was doing or invite Jamie and me over to eat unless it was a staff get together - and that only happened once. I guess if I was to be honest, I'd have to admit that I really long for a senior pastor who is passionate about helping me succeed in life and become everything God has called me to be....I long to work under a senior pastor who is as passionate about his staff as he is his church. That is why we are seriously considering doing whatever it takes to get on staff at the Pursuit...and that's a huge reason why I turned down a full time associate pastor's position in a place where we'd have free rent to consider raising money to work at a different church. Sort of crazy eh? :)

So anyways...that's where things are at as far as a job and ministry (oh yeah - I applied for a server position in downtown Boise yesterday. It'd be great if that were my part time job while I worked at the Pursuit). To be honest - we're really tired of moving around and would love to finally settle in with a church and a full time ministry position...just praying that God will open those doors.


  1. Very cool! I always love to step back and see that when things don't make logical sense God's hand is usally pretty evident if we look. The church looks awesome- I can totally see you guys appreciating a place like that and fitting in with their mission. Continuing to pray for you guys on the journey. And remember- we like baby pic updates too :)

  2. Hi guys. Nice to hear how my "other family" is doing. It's unreal how quickly Josiah is growing. (Check out Nick's baby Colton's pictures on my blog-along with some other fun stuff I've been up to). Will continue to pray for you as you seek the revelation of God's plan for you. Be encouraged by the fact that faith is rarely logical.